Video Game Addiction: Is It Real?

By October 3, 2019 October 21st, 2019 Addiction, Anxiety, Co-Occurring, Gaming, Mental Illness, Recovery

This photo demonstrates how video games are addictiveVideo game addiction

Is it real? Can people actually be addicted to video games? Where does the idea of being “addicted” end, and is it ever used just as an excuse for any bad behavior?  Internationally, “I have a disease” seems to have become a modern day way to relieve people of responsibility. Could the US see a similar problem?

Regarding video games, addictive mechanisms are certainly in play, and technically people can be addicted to anything. Current research focuses on the reward system in the brain. The cultural aspects of it are less clear. We have seen trends in the culture where proclaiming oneself an addict is in fashion, the card to be pulled when someone asks for accountability. The treatment plan for a video game addict may in fact be more than the “off switch” and there have been special programs to treat this behavior. The truth is, though we don’t like to admit it, these addictive behaviors are a “spectrum” phenomenon that range from mild to severe. We all have tendencies, the question is whether or not there is functional impairment, that impacts our lives to the point where we need to do something about it. The policy in South Korea seems extreme. Recovery Spot NY treats a wide swath of addictive behaviors as well as addiction to substances. Often times there are psychiatric underpinnings of these behaviors. Our program, with it’s strong emphasis on psychiatric issues, can help. #video game addiction.

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